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When we enter the workforce our new employer may as well say;

Give us 40 years of the prime of your life..

In return we shall provide you with a monthly salary.

At the end of your working sentence you will be released for good behavior.

You will receive absolutely nothing of value on your release other than that monthly stipend.

Which now comes to an end. Thank you for your efforts. Next up.

If you’re lucky there is some sort of pension, 401K on release. Maybe not.

You’ve probably given your life for this, and life is too long to waste away unfulfilled.

“Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You”

Dr Wayne W. Dyer

This is how society has set it up, and the majority of us enter into this kind of deal every day.
Yes there are employees working for their ideal companies but how happy are they?

They’re still working for someone else.

Giving up their valuable time for a monthly paycheck.

Time that could be spent living, creating.

“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.”

  Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

There are too many important things to experience in this life.

Why give all of your time to a company for the reward of weekends off and a couple weeks of annual leave.

The nagging feeling of dread will still be there after two weeks on the beach.

That dread may be there when you’re on the beach. The horrendous prospect of going back.

Things They Are A Changin

There’s a shift now though, people are waking up to a different way of life.

A new consciousness toward lifestyle work that is an extension of them.

The freedom to be the architect and creator of your own life.

Become a online business creator.

Being active in the digital economy requires a little education and some technical know how in the beginning.

Baby steps, jog, full speed sprint. And once you’re going, you’re going. It’s your own business!

The most important things are already within you right now;

Even in your current profession you’re actually your own boss.

Dedication, determination and motivation.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, and you will, there really is no limitation to the content you can create online.

Your ceiling is the stratosphere.

There are different ways you can start.

A starting point for me was blogging and freelance writing.

I wanted to start an online business based around my interests. To get creative and create.


“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

At the moment you’re showing up everyday to your current job.

I’m sure with little to no enthusiasm and ambition for the future.

Think how great it will feel creating the lifestyle you love, where you are determining the outcome.

Empowering yourself to enhance your skill set, no longer being reliant on that company.


What I’ve found since moving online is Freedom.

It’s really a simple as that.

I have the freedom now to spend with my family.

All the while creating interesting pieces of content and passion projects.

What you’ll find is there are so many ways to express your creativity with an online business.

Sure affiliate marketing is one, but there’s content marketing, blogging, freelance writing, video, you name it.

Whatever you decide fits best with you.

Dive in, educate your escape.

Given the chance to live your life intentionally would you take it?