Knowledge is king. But before you escape, educate.

Digital downloads with cultural and criminal content pieces.


What would you like to escape from?

Seems like a fairly odd question to ask, but we’re always looking for an escape in some form.

Escapes can come in so many forms;

Personal, family, work, exercise, entertainment just to name a few.

Whichever form of escape you choose is best served having educated yourself beforehand.

Sometimes there’s an identified reason for a specific escape and sometimes unfortunately it’s an escape from life as we know it.

Or rather as we’ve created it.

Some of us work for companies we love, which is great, but for many employees it’s a familiar path;

Entering the workforce and giving 40 odd years of the prime of their lives…

for a monthly salary.

At the end of the working sentence the release for good behaviour leads to a pension and some savings.

Maybe not.

It’s usually, ” thank you for your efforts. Next up.”

You’ve probably given too many years of your life for this, and life is too long to waste away unfulfilled.


This is how society has set it up, and the majority of us enter into this kind of deal every day.
Granted there are employees working for their ideal companies but how happy and fulfilled are they?

Working for someone else can have it’s benefits but it can also come at a price.

Giving up vast amounts of time for a monthly paycheck can cause imbalance in other areas; health, family and more.

Excessive communing to a location can also stifle your optimal production and creativity.

There are too many important things to experience in this life.

Why give all of your time to a company for the reward of possible weekends off and a couple weeks of annual leave?

The nagging feeling of dread will still be there after two weeks on the beach.

That dread may be there when you’re still on the beach. The prospect of going back to something you’re not aligned with.

Times They Are A Changin

There’s a shift now though, people are waking up to a different way of life.

A different way of working. Some have begun with remote working agreements.

It’s a new consciousness toward lifestyle work that is an extension of you. Happier and more productive.

The freedom to be the architect and creator of your own life.

Become a online creator and escape from the mundane.

Being active in the digital economy requires some education and some technical know how in the beginning.

Buy domain, build a website (or have others build it for you) and add your own content to it. Learn the ins and outs of digital marketing as you go along.

It’s a process, baby steps, jog, then full speed sprint. Building that momentum and educating as you’re going.

The most important things are already within you right now;

If you think about it even in your current profession you’re actually your own boss.

Have you initiated, created, taken on the responsibility of tasks and completed them?

Then you’ve had more than enough groundwork to get you started out on your own.

It’s time to make that escape. We’re all seeking some form of escape experience, be it mental or physical.

As long as it’s healthy, productive and serves you. There’s no room for self destructive escapes that don’t serve you.

With Educate Your Escape I’ve created a series of digital downloads to provide you with knowledge of different escapes.

As well as educational and entertaining posts across cultural and criminal themes.

Escape can come in many forms.

If it’s not here it’ll be here in the future so keep checking back in…

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Dive in, Educate Your Escape.

Given the chance to live your life intentionally would you take it?