I think I know exactly where you are right now in your current professions.

You have the overwhelming desire to move on and try something new. To take back your life, being at peace knowing you are directing your life on your terms.
I know because I was there, and not as long ago as you think.

But before that let’s rewind briefly.


Previous career incarnations in law enforcement and investigation

In 2012 I had spent almost 9 years as a Police Officer in the UK. My wife and I had decided to move back to our home country of South Africa with our two month old daughter.
Police work and the criminal justice system offered a glimpse into all sides of the human spectrum.

The young Police recruit


I took a two year career sabbatical from the Police and off we flew.
Now for those of you who know South Africa, employment opportunities can be shall we say sporadic depending on your field of expertise. But suffice to say we experienced three awesome years with family in the warmth of the sun. I enjoyed an almost three year role in Crisis Management. Helping people resolve personal identity theft to coordinating evacuations of large groups of travellers in natural disaster or conflict zones.

In late 2015 we made a decision to better prepare us as a family unit for the future.
Which led us to the completely logical route to move our family to a polar opposite country, the Republic of Ireland! Visited before? Nope. Well briefly for a 5 day trip for a job interview. (on day 2 the email arrived confirming I was unsuccessful in my application)
Had a job in place and accommodation arranged? Nope. Had an extensive knowledge of the country, culture, way of life? ..um again, nope.
Something led us here though, Faith and knowing it was all going to work out.


The small certificate encompassed almost a decade of Police work. (I had taken an extended career break from 2012- 2015)

It read:
Between x date and x date you served as a member of the Constabulary.

Presented in recognition of service to the public of Hertfordshire.


Service to others has always been important to me.

I was fortunate to start in a surveillance/private investigation position after a couple of months of arriving in Ireland.
I quickly realized though that this was corporate level service – to Insurance companies.
Anti fraud yes but the ultimate goal was merely saving them money. The long hours and excessive Country wide travel meant this position wasn’t sustainable long term. I could have returned to the UK as a Police Officer but the nagging feeling of wanting to start my own online business and create life proactively was always there.

What kept holding me back from taking that action is what’s probably holding you back. Procrastination and fear.

My thoughts went along this trail, I would really like to start an online business and work from a laptop. I would have far more quality family time. I would love having the freedom of working anywhere at any time without being tied down to a company, a boss, a forced structure. I’m wasting my time working for a company giving all of my energy toward their goals and success. I knew all of this. Then the fear crept in..
I’m earning a good monthly salary. I’m wishing away time along the way but I’m in a secure job. It’s not the right time for such a drastic change right now.
All of these excuses masquerading as justifications. The constant roller-coaster of needing the change but fearful of the steps necessary to get there.


As a surveillance investigator here is how my average day went. I’m sure yours is very similar. It may not be in the same industry but I m sure you’re enduring the same distress.
Awake at 5 am to drive two hours to be at a location for 7 am.
Or awake at 4 am to do the same for 6 am.
A minimum of 8 hours ‘on the plot’ as it was known in the industry. With no rest breaks as the venue or person was required to be under constant surveillance. Followed by another homebound commute in rush hour traffic. Then having reached home the joy of admin work awaited.

In my “Office” the surveillance vehicle. 

Between 5 am and 7 pm, for 49 weeks a year, you and I both enter the same vortex where our time is literally sucked away from us. It begins with a lengthy commute to a job location then reverses itself in a seemingly endless loop of frustration and waste.
Waste of our time, waste of our energy, waste of ourselves and the opportunities we can create for a more fulfilling lifestyle.

A monthly salary is merely payment for your time.

Time is precious.

What is your time worth to you?