Dog days: a period of inactivity or decline.

The above statement can be both true and false. 

For me it’s true for paid digital marketing. It’s false for my organic content creation.

Inactivity in an area, yes. Decline? Oh hell no.

I’ll explain.


Adventures In Advertising

I’m a digital business owner now. I’m the CEO of my own product. My product is digital marketing, at least I thought it was. My product has evolved. It’s that and more now.

What’s a digital entrepreneur?

Essentially anyone who has their own website, (build by themselves or another)

Creates content within that website.

Markets it.

Monetises it.

I’ve nailed the first three. Boom! Home run, knocked it out of the park.

The last one. Eh, not so much. He swings wildly and misses. (But he gets back to bat) It’s still early days after all.

A symbolic depiction of trying and then trying again. Baseball analogy

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels


I started marketing this here digital business system through a paid platform in mid February. Google Ads.

The general consensus within the marketing community was to start with Bing Ads for paid advertising, learn the ropes of the system, then optimise. Don’t move onto Google or YouTube until you have built those foundations. 

No disrespect to Bing, but most people aren’t even aware of it as a search engine, unless it’s loaded by onto their new laptop as the default search engine.

This sums it up nicely: My wife landed on Bing and used it to search for Google.

Then she used Google as her default search engine. Google has become a verb in our everyday culture. Bing hasn’t.

Google it.

Clever girl. 

Dreamcatcher on screen from a search engine dreaming m a search engine dreaming

Photo by Maurício Mascaro from Pexels


What Does Google Dream?

It started well enough. I created my Google ads account and the system created a Google Smart Campaign for me. After inputting a few necessary details the campaign was ready to run. Easy as that.

It ran and my ad started collecting subscribers from my website. You good people who received value packed workshop videos are now on my email list for life. There is no escape.

Only joking you can ask for your release but it shall not be granted. Again only joking. Seriously.

With a Google Ads Smart Campaign I was surprised to find my subscribers came to me from locations I had not specified. A diverse range of destinations; Bangladesh, Uganda, Jamaica. I had specified the US and Canada, but no matter, roll with it.

After a few weeks I moved across to a Google CPC Campaign (Cost Per Click)

Now a whole new dashboard experience opened before me. I was navigating a space ship. Now I had graduated into the professional world of Google Advertising and The Algorithim.

The Algorithm is Google’s sequence of computational steps that transform the input into the output.

It’s machine learning. It changes, adjusts and learns as it’s fed more information about your ad campaign. 

Every day it had a new suggestion for me to help optimise my campaign.

It became my Michael Myers.

Not the innocent 8 year old Michael who wanders into his sisters bedroom.

The escaped straight from a mental home, face mask wearing, pursuing his older sister and her friends, hell bent on slaughter version of Michael.

It followed me, and taunted me to change. To keep optimising and inputting data. 

Where you goin buddy, there’s optimising to be done”

 (Courtesy of Compass International Pictures)


Motherboard is running the ship and has control. I was just on board.

The algorithm told me to increase these key words in my advertising list. To subtract certain key words as they may not be relevant.

The algorithm told me to optimise, to increase. To elevate my daily spend budget. This was a reason some of my ads were not displaying at certain times of the day. Or not displaying at all sometimes. 

I got the hang of it. I put myself through a crash course in Google digital marketing campaigns.

It’s actually pretty helpful once certain parameters are in place. I even added subscribers from my chosen countries.

I paused those campaigns. Actually budgetary constraints paused them.

In the process I found something out.

Content creation was my thing. Especially writing. Organic and creative. 


Courtesy Illumination Entertainment


Running Free

Organic is non paid marketing this little ol blog post.

Running a WordPress site is made easier by a nice selection of free plugin ingredients you can add to season the dish.

A little Yoast sprinkled in does wonders for SEO

And what is SEO? For those that don’t know it’s Search Engine Optimising. But I’m sure most of you know.

As Biggie Smalls said; ” If you don’t know, now you know, you know.”

SEO is the lifeblood of free and organic online content. The indexing spiders of Google crawl the web looking for content. If it’s not optimised with specific key words and phrases it can’t be found very easily. Your blog gets bogged. 

Fortunately the Yoast plugin has a useful traffic light system for SEO which steers you in the right direction. 

Go for green. Amber is adequate. Red means remove and start again. 

Illustrating Yoast SEO traffic light system

Photo by Dids from Pexels


Word Up

Having an online business or content creation site means mastering many areas.

These take time and can seem overwhelming at first, but if you can navigate your way around a laptop, cut and paste. As well as read (hopefully so, otherwise all of this looks like ancient hieroglyphics to you) It all falls into place. There’s also plenty of video content out there to assist, so don’t sweat the technique.

I’ve learned more in the past few months than I ever would have done by taking a two year digital marketing diploma. And I’m talking technical s**t.

Believe me in the beginning I knew nothing of website creation, WordPress, tracking analytics or Google Tag Manager

Track your website page interactions by creating a container in Tag Manager then set individual tags to fire. All the visitor tracking info is housed within the container without altering the source code for each page.

Gobbledygook at first.. then aha. The system works.

Last week I actually copied a piece of raw HTML code from one page and inserted it into the correct place within another page. And it worked!

Celebrate the small wins. They lead to the bigger victories.

I started my digital business through the affiliate SFM system. They have a good series of workshop videos which you can grab for Free Here

I watched them then jumped in and started creating. Get your feet wet and learn along the way. 

What you will find as you move along this online journey is your content niche. The platform where you really enjoying creating your content.

I’ve found that mine is writing. 

I’m sure I’ll enjoy video too. When I get going with it.

Speaking of which..

“Get your video up”

I swivelled around in my seat and saw nothing.

I’m sure I heard that?

A mouse must’ve entered the house.

I could’ve sworn I heard that.

Clear instruction of what's best

“When are you starting videos?”

“Soon..real soon”

“That sounds like an excuse soldier, don’t make me ask it again!”


And is Written

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