Let me tell you a story about the trap. It’s a story you know intimately. It’s a story about your life.


The trap is your career. It serves only one function – to pay your ever increasing bills. 
The problem is the further your progress in your career, the higher you climb, the trap tightens. It seals you off and locks you in. 
Let me explain.
Your job or career should exist as an model to pay your way, provide enjoyment, and help you create a fulfilling life. It should provide you with quality time for the quality persons in your life.
This doesn’t happen though.
And the leading actor award in a horror role goes to…
What started out with good intention became the ultimate drain of your life force.
You got comfortable and good in your chosen field. You accepted that promotion. 
It only pulled you in deeper. Now more is expected of you. More of your energy. More of your time.
It dominates so completely that you handed over the deed to your life.
Your time for your family was scarce to begin with, now it has all but disappeared.
Your intentions were honorable when taking the job, to provide for your family and enhance the quality of family life.
Now you never see them.
The ultimate irony. 
The illusion within the trap
What good is earning more money when you are not present with the most important people in your life to enjoy it?
The salary is only important if it is in alignment with your life. 
The problem is the higher your salary the more financial commitment gets allocated to it.
Higher salary usually equals more things to spend money on. 
Before long you are living above your means, the trap tightens.
Your salary has become a voracious monster consuming everything in its path.
Feed me.
Your working hours have tripled just to keep up.
Feed me.
Your weekends at home mean you are always on call and on demand. 
Feed me.
Your family life is suffering. 
Feed me, I’m still not satisfied.
Any time spent at home is in reality home-work. You can’t disconnect. 
Your work expects total and complete dedication at the expense of everything else.
You are fully immersed in the trap now. It has you and its not letting go.
What you thought would make you happy and fulfilled is making you miserable.
                                                                        Beautiful from the outside, not so great inside
You break away and take back your life.
Create balance and alignment.
Start a sideline online business. Learn the basics, take the time implementing into your business what is important for you.
Slowly (or quickly depending on your dedication) but surely, you ‘ll start freeing yourself from the trap.
Now its true you don’t feel you have the time because of the trap, but finding the time now is the only way you’ll be able to release yourself.
What you invest in yourself now will pay huge dividends down the road. You will be able to put more and more distance between yourself and the trap.
Soon the trap will become obsolete.
Now you can really start living. Everything important returns.
Now you have the most precious commodity of all. Your time.
The quality returns. The presence returns.
You are able to focus on the important people in your life.
Now you are back in the drivers seat choosing the destination of your life.
Your new work as an online business owner will be fulfilling once again. Why? Because you have chosen it.
Make the move from employee to empowerment.
Escape the Trap by starting Start Here
Become a Founder. Don’t be left floundering.