What would you attempt to do

Most of us are fear driven. It dictates everything. Every decision is based around it. It keeps us stagnant in something safe, or what we perceive as being safe. 

We would rather not take the risk or leap of faith to something better because we are afraid of the outcome.

What if it doesn’t work out. What if I don’t like it. What will others say.

So we find ourselves moving through this life in a procrastination loop. Knowing we need to make a change but justifying the situation to ourselves. Heads and tails;

I’m so frustrated with my work and hate doing it.

I cant leave now because I don’t know what awaits me, and I cant bring myself to find out. 

The larger procrastination loop then creates smaller sub loops..”excuses”

Some of these may seem familiar..

Now is not the right time.

I will make a change, just give it six months then I’ll be in a better situation.

I know I’m miserable at work, but I’m getting paid.

I’m actually stuck in an excuse sub loop at the moment.

I keep putting off going on camera and shooting a video for this website! 

Some of my excuse delays,..I don’t have a written script yet.

 I need a haircut before going on camera.

Awareness is important, but taking action from that awareness is everything. Now there is accountability and commitment.

If you knew success was a certainty what would you attempt to do?

If we really think deeply about this question we realize as human beings we are limiting our massive potential every single day.
I mean how did this come about? How did we get this way?
If we think about it the culture and society of life has more than likely caused this. From school days to entering the work force to relationships and everything in between.
The most common message that seems to come through is settle. Just settle.
Be happy you have this job, be happy you are in this situation.
When we were children we could be anything. That was a certainty. There was no doubt. No hesitation.
Children don’t think I’m scared to fail at this.
They say; I’m going to be an astronaut. I’m going to be a vet.  I’m going to be an actor. It’s decided and that’s it.
And when whatever they would like to be changes into something new, that’s decided and that’s it.
No Fear. No procrastination. No excuses.
When we get older we have more knowledge and information at our disposal so we think we know better.
We also have more negativity, more doubt from others. More justifications.
I cant do this now what will my friends think, what will my family think.
Maybe next year when I’m ready. Deluding ourselves.
We limit ourselves in life. We accept these perceived limitations when we have this massive capability to create so much more.
So create. Don’t settle. Don’t limit yourself.
Be creative in creating your most fulfilling life.
Have faith when taking the leap. The time is going to pass anyway.

As we go through our busy days we constantly imagine outcomes in order to try to react ahead of them.

But the problem is that we spend our whole lives reacting to imaginary events instead of the real one present in life right now.

Life can be unpredictable, don’t waste valuable mental energy trying to jump ahead of some perceived outcome.

 That is the path to suffering and pain.

Deal with events and circumstances when they arrive, if they ever do and not before that time.

If you are stuck in the corporate rat trap what better way of creating something for yourself than starting your own business.
And not a business that is going to tie you down to a premises either, an independent online business.
Location free. Physically and psychologically.
The online digital economy is huge and its not the future its the now. This present time.
It’s understandable if you think you don’t know much about starting out. I was the same.
Once the technical set up is done and under way, there really is no limit to what content or passion you can create in an online business.
Learn the basics then go with your interests.
You will need to learn though, put in the time and see what the time can do for you.
The great thing is you can automate most of the technical business system so it runs in the background, freeing you up to create and work on the things that really interest you.
I started out by gaining a real (and useful) digital education through a couple of programmes, both very reasonably priced for the skills to basically work online from anywhere. Six Figure mentors and Location Rebel.
I’ve learnt through both, my personal choice, but it’s not necessary as they both offer their own unique awesome content.
Both are excellent in giving you the knowledge of “I’m not really sure of what I’m doing online, to AHA!”
Six Figure Mentors is a monthly recurring charge whereas Location Rebel is a once off.
Now am I a millionaire right now? No. But the benefit this online business and digital marketing training has brought to me has been priceless in so many other ways.
I work off a laptop from anywhere I choose. I have daily freedom and real quality family time now. No more endless driving for work.
My life before was a blur of working fatigue.
Working 12 -14 hours a day and spending all of my time in a car. Literally all my time.
Leaving the house in the early morning hours and staying in the car for those 12-14 hours.
Driving thousands of kilometers a month all over the country.
I did that for almost 3 years before enough was enough.
When you’ve realized enough is enough for you it will be empowering.
The main question is, has the time come to be more than what you’ve been settling for?