Your body heals itself.

Our body parts are all connected. Every single cell and organ. Our mind is connected in the same way.

Mind, body, and soul interconnected in the weaving intricacy of the human being. The holistic practice of BodyTalk recognises this, then sets about balancing any imbalance within the whole system. It does not focus on symptoms.

It addresses the whole individual as the integrated three dimensional person that you are.

A certified BodyTalk practitioner is the facilitator who directs the body to self heal.


So what exactly is BodyTalk?

Your body talking. Through you to a practitioner. There that was simple. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

In all seriousness the concept of BodyTalk is easy enough to understand. The training and qualification for a certified practitioner is vastly more complicated. I ‘ll touch more on that later..

BodyTalk is WholeHealthcare™ and is represented Internationally by the IBA

A holistic energy system that addresses the whole person. In the BodyTalk system nothing is ignored within a person and nothing is overlooked. Be it physical, emotional or environmental. 

A BodyTalk practitioner uses non invasive techniques to prioritise the body’s balancing structure.

Lets take a basic example, and this will be basic as I’m not a BodyTalk practitioner. Lets say a person suffers from extreme heartburn. Acid reflux. A socially conditioned medical response to this would be to buy antacid tablets to ease the symptoms. Therein lies the key word ladies and gents..symptoms. Popping a Rennie or two may provide temporary relief. Avoiding high GI or fried foods may also temporarily ease the burn, but what is actually causing your body to produce excess acid in the first place?

Here is where a BodyTalk practitioner uses the non invasive techniques to ‘ask’ your body and determine what is causing your heartburn.

The practitioner uses a structured step by step sequence through a yes/no muscle testing response. The BodyTalk practitioner will determine which organs or systems of your body require balancing or assistance. What underlying cause is your body prioritising. Your body produces excessive stomach acid but why? Perhaps your stomach is not aligned or balanced ideally with your esophagus. There is a miscommunication between organs resulting in excess stomach acid. Once the cause is determined the practitioner will go about  harmonising both organs through a tapping technique which balances the brain organ dynamic.

BodyTalk helps the whole. Whereas the Western medical system treats the symptoms. All treatment directed toward a symptom based solution. Medication. The question has to be asked though, what underlying cause causes the symptom?

BodyTalk doesn’t ignore other healthcare systems, far from it. A practitioner may well advise a particular specialist to the client depending on what comes up during the session. BodyTalk can be integrated into other forms of healthcare.

As a holistic healthcare system BodyTalk is gaining awareness and recognition internationally. As American biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton attests


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Dont worry Be happy

A BodyTalk practitioner is a professional holistic therapist. Or complimentary therapist. Qualified in theory and demonstrated practice. This is no gimme course. It’s complex and requires a minimum 90% pass mark. No passy, no get to goey.

It is strictly regulated as a fully certified holistic health practice.

The BodyTalk system has it’s own language that certified practitioners use in their sessions. There are various certifications with further expertise gained from each new level. 

When you receive a BodyTalk session it will be in a comfortable relaxed setting as if you were attending any other professional health therapist. Don’t worry there will be no herbs burnt in session. No practitioner donning goats hoofs and dancing around chanting to drummed beats. No form of modern witchcraft. Nothing to fear. Unless for some reason you fear getting well and balancing your body/mind.

A BodyTalk practitioner cannot harm you, or create a situation where your body or mind does something it doesn’t want to do naturally.

body/mind in balance

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The science of BodyTalk

Everything is connected. In your body. In this world. We are all interconnect within the ecosystem of life.

Bear with me here as I’m not an anatomy expert or a physicist.

What are our bodies made up of at their basest level? 

Cells. Molecules. Atoms. And water – which is made up of oxygen and hydrogen atoms.

When you think about it each cell and atom within a body is in constant communication with each other. All the time.

A BodyTalk session can be conducted in person or from a distance. A distance of several Countries or Continents.

How? Quantum physics and Quantum mechanics. 

Quantum physics is the nature and behaviour of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level.

The nature and behaviour of energy, atoms and subatomic particles in one body are linked to others on a global scale.
Global consciousness. Ripples in a pond. The effect of something having a direct effect upon something else.
When we’re all connected it doesn’t matter where you currently are. The benefit or the session will be evident.
A very simplistic summary of a section of Bell’s theorem says;
Two or more particles in a quantum state (the condition in which a physical system exists) continue to be mutually dependent, even at large physical separations.
The mind/body sub conscious is vastly deeper than the surface conscious level. This is where the healing takes place.
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“I know kung fu”
After day two of her BodyTalk fundamentals course, my wife awoke to this thought.
Well not this thought exactly but the thought, “I know the language of BodyTalk”
In much the same way as the character in the Matrix had a form of martial arts downloaded into his mind, so students of the course had the language of BodyTalk hardwired into theirs. As an assistance to learning. All with their consent. Stay with me here..
A BodyTalk practitioner cannot conduct a session without the person giving consent. If their body refuses for some reason or delays the session for a better time then that’s exactly what happens.
Sometimes a process or event needs to take place in the coming days or weeks in order for the session to achieve maximum benefit. Sometimes the session needs to wait for the natural order of things in that person to occur.
It happens and it’s all through the body’s sub conscious consent.
Faith Patmore - certified BodyTalk practitioner
My wife is a certified BodyTalk practitioner. And a damn good one. 
Aha I hear you this post is just marketing for his wife’s BodyTalk practice!
It isn’t.
my wife’s clients find her. No marketing necessary. She intuitively attracts the clients she needs.
BodyTalk for business
Speaking of matrix. In the same way as a body system, a business is made up of interlinking factors that make it all work.
In the same way that cells and organs interact, a business has several factors at play.
Clients, products, employees, your location or website, revenues and profit, belief systems. All internal and external services which affect a business directly as well as on the peripheral.
Parts and systems that should work together in a holistic and healthy way.
Sometimes in the same way a body needs balancing, the movable system of a business can benefit from balancing as well. Everything runs well on maximum efficiency. If there is some imbalance within the system it can affect the energy dynamics of the whole matrix.
A matrix being the cultural, social, or political environment in which something develops.
If something is off it can affect the whole.
A BodyTalk session or two can benefit a business in the same way it can benefit a body/mind. Getting all of the parts working together to benefit the whole. 
So there you have it. A basic breakdown of BodyTalk.
The levels go deeper. We are dealing with the wonderful complexities of the human body. The sub conscious human spirit.
Curious? Maybe book a session for yourself. There are plenty of certified BodyTalk practitioners represented worldwide.
We should all be able to move through life in flow, experiencing well being.
Without any sign of Dis ease.