For those of you guys that are in a loving family relationship, I sincerely hope you are lucky enough to be in partnership with a figurative Lioness.
Qualities of an actual Lioness:
Lionesses are independent, fierce, loyal, brave, strong, graceful and agile. They are the primary hunters of their pride and are highly protective over their young. 
For my Lioness add in Beautiful, Intelligent, Wise and Supportive.
Qualities of a Lion:
Male lions are large and heavy with a lazy disposition. Within a pride they are quite placid unless they’re fighting with incoming males. 
So there’s that. Sound familiar?
Placid = Netflix. 
Fighting with incoming males = Alcohol.
Lucky Man
Lets face it guys without the Lioness in our life we are f****d.
Yes we do bring a lot to the table in our relationships as good husbands, fathers, and men.
We also bring a lot under the table…that stuck to the bottom of your shoe stuff that’s not always the most appealing gift.
I am lucky enough to experience a relationship and family unit that is completely holistic based.
We all compliment each other in our different and unique ways.
My wife’s inner strength and awareness shines through. She just knows things.
There have been so many times when she has suggested I do something, or go down a certain route in life, and guess what? She has been right.
(Save yourself the mental energy here guys, your wife is always right with this!) 
The day we found out my wife was pregnant I took to the streets and bought Crack Cocaine.
Ha made you look!
It wasn’t for my own use. It was a controlled buy as part of a Police sanctioned undercover operation. One of many.
For the first six months of my wife’s pregnancy I was buying street drugs in another town hours away.
My wife was experiencing the worst morning sickness imaginable. The nauseating debilitating type where she could barely get off the couch.
I would leave her there in the morning and come home to find her still there. 
She gutted it out. Inner Strength.
The Cub
On the 12th overdue night of her pregnancy it was finally time to get to the hospital.. baby wasn’t waiting any longer.
Earlier that evening my sister in law had made her famous hummus – super charged with garlic.  
We exited the front door and a bat fell from the sky.
A man in the shadows baring fangs wearing a black cape and top hat ran off screaming. 
We decided to stop at a shop on the way to the hospital to pick up chewing gum.
Then instantly forgot it, the pain was too intense. 
My wife gave Tim Ferris his next book inspiration – the four hour labour. 
Zero epidural because it was needed for twins entering the world in another part of the hospital. The happy gas canisters hadn’t been topped up either.
Vampire vapors from us courtesy of the hummus seeped out and kept the staff at a healthy distance.
Our beautiful baby girl is now 7 years old. She has that inner wisdom, strength and intuitive awareness of the Lioness.
In 7 years we moved between three Countries. Some by choice, some not. Life is the journey.
The Lioness encourages dreams. To go after what you would like to do, and live a full life rather than a hum drum existence.
I was a cop working drug cases. I was a private Investigator working surveillance jobs. I recently started an online business. I knew nothing about it in the beginning. She encouraged me every step of the way.
I received and still receive nothing but undying, uncompromising support.
“You’ve got this” she says.
I’ve got her in my life and for that I am gratefully blessed.
                                                                       Courtesy Morgan Creek
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