I have wanted to start a location independent online business since 2009.

In July of that year I read The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. I loved the book. I didn’t completely understand how to set up the business system to achieve it but the underlying philosophy resonated with me completely.
Here was a lifestyle where you could start and run an online business and automate the mundane tasks to free you up! The business admin side could move along nicely in the background through outsourced professionals while the individual was free to create from any location with a internet connection. I really liked the idea of it.
I was a Police Officer at the time six years into my career. At the point of reading it I was tasting an aspect of freedom in my work unusual for the Police Force.
Where Police work was usually a very rigid organisation with rank and file structure, rostered shifts and everything dictated by the logistics department; I was doing something different. Undercover work.
The days were flexible. For months I turned up at a location to receive a briefing, went out into the town or city to do what I needed to do then returned for a debriefing. Some days were a free day with no deployment. I wanted this working freedom to continue! It was refreshing I was the creator and director of my days.
I realized I needed work with flexibility and freedom.
I felt unease working within a large machine, the problem was I enjoyed being of service and helping people. The Police and subsequent investigation companies that followed over the years allowed expression of that. Until the time came when they didn’t.
I would take 8 more years to realize the dream!
Success does not produce Happiness. Its the other way around.
Working for someone else was always safe as it provided a pretty much guaranteed monthly salary. For years I dipped in and out of the idea of my own online business. All research with very little action. I didn’t quite know how to begin, which steps to take, so would always move back to that salary safety.
In 2018 a point was reached and the change had begun. Intuitively it felt right.
What I desired was a proactive life rather than a reactive one. A more fulfilling life for myself and my family.
Life should be more rewarding than the job routine. Getting up (usually in the dark) hours of commuting to the job.
Working the 8 then commuting home for a nice round 12. Rewind for the next one!
The months pass, the seasons pass, life passes and we miss it in the illusion of “working hard”
It was time to Work Smart.
Don’t we owe it to ourselves and our families to be more?
Burn all bridges so you can’t retreat
Think and Grow Rich
– Napoleon Hill
I knew the only way to start was to take action and step out in faith.
There is never a time when you are fully prepared.
From an energetic standpoint the decision to start something new was going to align everything in place.
I now had the definite focus of running an online business with the energy flowing to the purpose.
It all had to begin with the first step though.
I knew if I was to procrastinate again and give myself another option, some sort of insurance policy, my energy focus would be split.
That split would open the door to doubt..”I’ll do this for x amount of time then look for another job.”
With that line of thinking I would already be establishing an out for myself.
Digital marketing through SFM offers the ideal lifestyle freedom business. The freedom can be whatever you choose it to be.
So what do you choose?

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