You just didn’t know it..

At this stage in your life your dream is to work for yourself right? To achieve your dreams, to experience your potential.
To be your own boss.
What if I told you you’ve already been doing this all along. Just without the actual business entity linked to you.
Buy stock in yourself.
Let me explain a little further. It’s really going to serve you well in the future.
If you’re currently in a job or a career while you’re reading this, you’ve probably also held down other jobs, positions, careers as well.
Have you ever thought how you got to be in this position, working for Company X?
You sold yourself. Your current employers bought in to you. They invested in your skill set. It’s that simple.
You’ve been successfully marketing yourself every step of the way,  every time you’ve taken a paid position of employment.
Think about this. Every time you’ve seen a job posted, applied to it and started working for that company, you’ve promoted yourself on every level. You’ve Don King’d your way in.
Great job!
Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash
Let’s look at all the levels you’ve sold others on your abilities.. 
Your CV.
Your application.
Your interview.
Your interaction with colleagues.
Your product output.
Your job promotion.
Every step of the way you’ve shined in self promotion. Self marketing.
Now don’t you dare hesitate in starting a business yourself. 
You’ve already done it albeit for someone else.
All of those areas should give you tremendous confidence in actually taking the step to work for yourself. 
You have the blueprint right in front of you.
Keep marketing yourself. You’ve had excellent practice along the way.
A quote from the movie Boiler Room holds true. (with a little context added in)
Either you sell the client some stock (in yourself)
Or he sells you on a reason he can’t (buy into you)
You can most definitely do this and it’s not as daunting as you may think.
Your true potential is expressed through yourself, working for yourself.
For me personally the best business is an online one. 
Location free. Creative. Minimal overhead.
Being an online freelancer or a remote content creator is also great. 
Invest in yourself.
When you invest in yourself you’ll never go wrong.
Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash
If you don’t know how then learn the basics of starting an online business. The basics of digital marketing.
It’s your platform to the world.
Its where I started. I’ve never regretted the small investment. It was three quarters of my monthly salary. Skills for life. Digital life. 
You’ve been selling, promoting and marketing yourself all of this time. Now it’s time to make the leap into working for yourself.
It’s a free video series introducing you to the possibilities of working for yourself online.
It’s an intro freebie. To begin will take a little investment. In yourself.
Its an online education though. 
So it ‘ll always serve you wherever you go.
To work for yourself, to experience time freedom. Real time freedom. 
To live location free without being tied down,  some people want to live ‘the laptop lifestyle’ if that appeals to you. 
Some are interested in having the freedom of working online being digital nomads or freelance creators.
A world of digital possibility awaits, and your working success has already prepared you for it.
There’s only one thing to do. And that’s;
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