Of course you have. You’re reading this.

But that’s not what I mean here.

Being awake is not tuning in and dropping out. A la Timothy Leary’s 60’s mantra.
Being awake is just being aware.
Being aware of your desire and potential for something more.
It’s having the awareness of your current work situation and making those moves to change it. For the betterment of yourself.
Being awake is knowing that your current work situation, your job, has it’s financial benefits, but ultimately doesn’t serve you for the long term.
It’s knowing who you are and what you would like to be.
There’s self empowerment in that. 
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As a human being you were born into this universe to evolve. 
I know it’s cliche saying ” there’s more to life than this” But it’s cliche for a reason. Because there is!
The work society we know, and often loathe has been constructed as a mental prison for the mind. You get up. You work. You pay bills. “That’s life” as persons are often quick to tell you. 
But what if you have a different dream for life?  
Oh no that won’t secure you your pension. Now stop this silliness and buckle down. 
Generally expressions of thought and creativity are stifled because they break from the blind devotion of the pack.
Sound the alarm we’ve got a black sheep breakaway..the threat must be contained otherwise he ”ll infect the others. 
Dramatic I know, but the fear of anything outside the agreed upon social system causes this type of distress.    
Escaping the work commute
Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash
Being awake is knowing that the receptiveness to a change is half of your life victory. 
Putting it into action along the way is your second half victory. Football games are won in the 4th quarter. Your 4th quarter doesn’t have to come in the so called golden years. 
Humans are coming around to a new way of work..Working on their dreams.
It’s an exciting time. Expect resistance from some of your loved ones though. The don’t want to hold you down they ‘re just fearful of change. It can hold a mirror to themselves. 
Whose to say they wished they had followed their passion. Their calling. 
Just don’t expect them to admit it. 
Recently my Mom, God bless her, relayed to me her blueprint for life as we know it.
And we all know it by what we’ve been told our entire lives.
Work at a job slaving away so you can pay off your mortgage in 30 years, then retire on your pension. 
Hand me that meat cleaver, I ‘ll hold my head steady.
The sad thing is that’s the way society would have you believe it needs to be.
If I told my 7 year old daughter this was how life was going to be for her. Her answer would be so simple. And eloquent.
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash
I’m not advocating buying cans of Strongbow and finding a cosy park bench to give up under. 
This is not giving up on life.
This is giving life a chance.
Working society has suppressed you enough.
From now on you ‘ll be planning to work but you won’t be doing a job. 
The work will be yours, and it will be satisfying and exciting and fulfilling.
After all the saying is true; 
When you love what you do you won’t have to work a day in your life again.
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